Cybis partners years of experience working in the intelligence community with the latest technologies to develop customized cyber security solutions capable of protecting against advanced threats.

We leverage our unique background and experiences to collaborate with clients in bolstering their cyber security posture without hindering core business functions.



Companies believe they can defend themselves with technology alone, which is why they are failing. We assess your company from the perspective of the advanced threat actor, and harden it from those threats in a holistic manner that integrates technology, people, policies and processes. We provide you with specific and practical recommendations that go far beyond a penetration test or checklist.

We have personally created and managed insiders around the globe for decades. We have a unique understanding of how malicious actors will access your network and data through social engineering. We know how to assess and protect against malicious insiders looking to do harm to your company and the uninformed and unaware employees that accidentally harm your company. Cybis leverages this experience to design, implement and manage customized insider threat programs based on your goals and requirements.

We use a system agnostic approach to create and implement a comprehensive and realistic corporate cyber strategy. We assume an enduring advisory role to your executive management, corporate board, and IT and HR departments. As your trusted cyber defense advisor, we recommend strategies for mitigating cyber vulnerabilities. As your cyber security expert, we recommend tactical responses to your cyber issues. We conduct table-top exercises to test the viability of your Incident Response Plan (IRP). We are on-call with 24/7 hour support remotely or on site.

We have substantial experience in crisis management and incident response. When a breach happens, Cybis is there to identify problems, conduct triage, and prioritize responses. Every incident is different and we have the experience to adapt to your situation and needs.

We create cost effective solutions to specific cyber security related issues including insider threat, identity/privileged access management, governance, cyber policies and procedures, and technology integration.

We provide a variety of cyber security training to include:
    Cyber Security Awareness
    Foreign Travel Security
    Insider Threat
    Incident Response
    Cyber Security Governance
    IT Business Continuity
    Mobile Device Security
    Network Architecture Security
    Web Application Security
    Tailored Training Courses

“Every cyber attack ever launched has been conducted by a human leveraging technical means.”
Josh Mayne • CEO