Agency Grade.

Advanced cybersecurity solutions for the private sector.

Who We Are

Cybis delivers Agency Grade™ cybersecurity solutions to help organizations integrate their cyber, physical, and human capabilities to ensure their enterprise security-posture is both defensible and resilient. We address the gaps in traditional approaches with insights gleaned from hands-on offensive cyber warfare experience, gained under the auspices of the NSA, CIA, and DOD intelligence communities. Cybis can help your organization deter attackers, detect threats, and respond to and recover from incidents.


Harden Defenses

Cybis assesses the client's readiness from an offensive actor's perspective. Based on our findings, Cybis will provide a transformation roadmap to upgrade defenses, resilience, and recoverability. Where possible, Cybis will help to design and build in security, from the outset.

After an Incident

Cybis provides root cause analysis following a security incident to quickly answer the critical questions: what happened, what is the business impact, and why did it happen? Cybis rapidly responds with practical solutions to plug holes and get back to business.

Integrated Security Programs

Cybis works with clients to quickly harden their security posture against pertinent threats. When engaged on a retainer basis, Cybis brings a combination of ongoing expert advice, governance, and leadership to provide clients with confidence that their cyber operations are in good hands.

Client Cases
Special Matters

Cybis engages with clients on select issues that fall outside the scope of everyday cybersecurity. We leverage all of our experience and resources to quickly and discreetly resolve these sensitive and often personal situations.  

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